Trim, Baseboards And Crown Molding: How To Paint These Like A Pro

27 October 2020
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The baseboards and trim around your home may not look worn or unsightly at first glance, but the closer you get to it, you may begin to see the marks and scuff marks that come with time. Painting them with a fresh coating of paint can help make them look like new again. Painting these areas of your home may make you cringe at the thought, but you can get them done and make them look like they were painted by a professional. Read on for helpful tips to help you get the job done. 

Start With The Right Paint

You want your trim and baseboards to pop but also be easy to clean, which is why you need to choose a paint that can be cleaned and wiped down with ease. Use a paint with a bit of shine such as semi-gloss, or even high gloss if you like a lot of shine. Satin can also work, but it doesn't give you much shine and won't pop as much. If your trim has stains on them that you cannot get clean before you paint, use a paint with primer built right in to help cover these areas without them seeping back through your new paint job.

Get A Good Paintbrush

Don't use that old paintbrush you've used to paint the last three rooms in your home that you didn't clean properly and that has bristles that are stiff and caked with old paint from the last room you painted. If this is the case, you need to invest in a new paintbrush. Get one that is angled to help you paint along the edges like a professional and to help you get into the cracks and corners as well. A 2-1/2 inch paintbrush should do the trick, but if you prefer one that is smaller to help you paint more carefully, you should use a 1-1/2 inch paintbrush instead.

Use Painter's Tape For Straight Lines

It can be difficult to paint free-hand, so if you don't have a steady enough hand to paint a straight line on your own, you should definitely use painter's tape. The paint allows you to paint onto the tape without it bleeding through. Watch what type of painter's tape you use because some of these can still bleed through. 

If your trim, baseboards, or crown molding are in need of a paint job, don't fret or leave it because the idea of painting these areas gives you anxiety. Use the tips above to help you, or hire an interior painting professional to knock this job out for you.