Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor

5 March 2021
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When it comes to painting your home, you may be focused primarily on selecting the right colors and getting the work done cost-effectively. However, while these things are important, you could also consider working with a painting contractor. Choosing a contractor that meets specific requirements will help you achieve a great outcome and protect you should any accidents occur while your contractor is in your home.

Licensing requirements

Always ask your paint contractor to provide proof of their state licensing and liability insurance. Hiring someone who is not licensed is risky in the event an accident should occur while your painting contractor is on the job. A reputable contractor will have these documents for you to view.

You should also ask whether your painting contractor hires employees or works with subcontractors. Employees will likely be insured through the company while subcontractors may be required to obtain their own liability insurance. Ask for proof of insurance for both employees and subcontractors.

Experience and knowledge

While a new painting contractor may do a wonderful job, hiring someone with several years of experience is beneficial. An experienced painter is skilled in handling any unique situations that may arise during the process of painting your home. They will also be experienced enough to make suggestions to you regarding paint types and colors to best achieve the look you want. 

Availability of references and a portfolio

Your painting contractor should have a list of references you can contact. Always call several references to inquire about their experience with the painter before you decide to hire. Viewing a portfolio of prior projects is also a good way to see if your painting contractor is the best fit for your job.

Estimates and guarantees

Make sure your painting contractor offers you a formal estimate in a written contract form. Estimates should include labor, materials, prep work, etc. A detailed estimate can help you avoid unexpected financial surprises later.  

Any guarantees your painting contractor offers should also be discussed before hiring. If they supply the paint, it may have a manufacturing warranty, but your contractor should also have a guarantee regarding any issues related to the paint preparation and application process.

It is natural to get excited about choosing the right paint color and finding a contractor who can save you money, but they are not the only things that matter. Paying a little more for a painting contractor who is skilled, and meets licensing requirements, is worth the extra cost and is one way you can set yourself up for a successful ending to your painting project.