Boost Curb Appeal With A Few Exterior Painting Projects

4 July 2018
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When you walk or drive home, you may not be impressed with your property's curb appeal as it comes into view. While you may love how everything looks and functions on the inside, you may want to invest in enough changes and improvements to deem your curb appeal impressive.

Although you can improve curb appeal in various ways, you can enjoy a lot of success by hiring local painting services to work on a few projects that are on display in the front of your property.

Front Door

Starting with the front door is an excellent choice, because you may want this feature to stand out more than anything else on your property. This means that you should pick a bold color for the front door that you know will outshine the other colors throughout the property. A bold blue or a bright yellow are two colors that can work with almost any house to improve curb appeal.

If you want the color to blend in well with the other exterior features, you may want to decide what colors you are going to paint everything else before deciding on the front door color.


While a white picket fence can look great in your front yard, the color on your fence may be worn down considerably. In this case, you may only need to repaint the fence to make it attractive. But, you should not hesitate to try out a different paint color if you do not want a white fence.

One option is to strip the fence's paint and then use the natural wood for the coloring. You can even stain the whole wooden fence if you want a different color and look.


If you have railings in the front of your property, you can use this feature as another way to change curb appeal. When you have a white fence in the front yard that you love, you may want to paint the railings in the same color to create a bold and cohesive look for your home.


Another feature that you may have on display is columns around the front entryway. The easiest thing to do is to match their color with the fence and railing so that your entry door can stand out the most. You can also go with another neutral color such as tan, brown, cream, or gray depending on the colors of other features such as window frames, siding, gutters, and awnings.

Whether you know what colors you want to paint your home or you want help with choosing, you can hire a painting company for the planning and execution.