High Gloss And Satin Paint

4 July 2018
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Are you constantly frustrated by stains and smudges on your building's interior paint? Do you have tenants that are always dirtying up your walls, and then asking for you to repaint them? If you want to have walls that are a little more stain resistant, you should consider repainting them with a gloss or satin paint. These are two common paint products, but it might be a little bit confusing to people who don't know the difference. This article explains the main difference between glossy and satin paints.

Satin Paint

Satin paint is basically right in between low gloss and high gloss. It isn't as shiny as a high gloss paint, but it has a more defined sheen than a low gloss (or matte) product.

Many people don't like high gloss paint because of how it reflects light and can create a glare. On the other hand, low gloss paint gets dirty very easily and doesn't last as long. So, satin is a perfect compromise between the two. It is important to point out that high gloss paints are often required by building codes. High gloss paint is thicker and protects the wall underneath it. If you have plaster or drywall, the high gloss paint will cover it and protect it from moisture. This is why it is often required, and always suggested, that you paint bathrooms, laundry rooms, and washrooms with high gloss paint.

Stain Resistance

Many products will have some sort of stain protection or resistance in the mixture. In fact, each product will have its own, uniquely named stain shield logo right on the paint can. While these are helpful, and new paints are generally more protective than old products, you're always going to get a more durable and easier to maintain product if you buy something glossy or satin. In fact, it is the gloss that actually protects your walls more than anything else. This is important because many people are tricked by these stain protection claims, and think that they will be able to substitute high gloss for low gloss.

For people who simply don't love the look of super shiny of high gloss paint, satin products are a perfect compromise. They are shiny, but not too shiny. While satin might not have enough protection for your bathrooms, they will be perfect for kitchens, office walls, and other space that just need a little more protection.

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