A Guide To Wood Floor Refinishing

10 July 2018
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Finish you put on your wood floor serves as a protector that waterproof the surface and increases the lifespan of your wood. On top of this, the finish can define the style of your floor. Adding a unique color tint to a plain wood floor can make it stand out. This article explains some of the most popular finishes for wood floors.

Clear Sealants and Varnishes

Many people want their wood to look as raw as possible so, they just apply a clear coat to the surface that doesn't change the color. There are many different types of clear coats, but they do slightly affect the way that your wood looks. For example, a clear varnish won't change the color of your wood, but it will add some sheen to it. In general, the shiny varnish will look more modern and industrial.

If you do want a more natural look, your floor can be sealed with a clear sealant. These finishes are pretty much the exact same formula as most wood stains, but they don't have any color to them. When they dry, they will have a slight sheen, but nothing as severe as you get with varnish.

Another major factor to consider when thinking about different varnishes or traditional wood sealants is the lifespan. Some finishes need to be reapplied every few years. Varnished finishes aren't as popular on residential flooring, but they will last much longer than normal stains.

Traditional wood stains, whether they are tinted or clear, will probably need to be reapplied once every 5 to 10 years depending on usage and the wood species. Refinishing wood floors is substantial work, but it is not that expensive compared to applying a new varnish or resin finish. Either way, refinishing your floor will protect the surface and refresh the color of your floor.

Adding Color to Your Floor

Wood stains come in so many different colors that it can be overwhelming. When you consider all of the possible colors you can combine with all of the possible types of wood, it is very easy to create a floor that looks unique. Stained floors look the best when they bring out the other colors and tones around the room, like those on your furniture, walls, and cabinets.

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when it comes to adding a finish to your wood flooring. For more information, contact your local wood finishes retailer.