Which Paint Finishes Would Work Best In Your Office?

19 July 2018
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If you are redoing your office's décor, one easy renovation that can really tie things together is the paint color. Once you've picked out the right hues, the next thing you will need to figure out is the finish.

Both oil-based and latex paints come in different lusters. For instance, glossy finishes are highly reflective, while matte sheens tend to absorb light. Here are the pros and cons of each finish, and where they might best fit in your office.


Glossy finishes have the highest sheen and often the highest resilience. If you have an area of high foot traffic or an area that gets dirty from hair, moisture, dirt, and other debris, glossy finishes are great. Since glossy finishes are attention-grabbing, they are often great in waiting rooms, where they can add depth to your architectural features and they make your paint hues look more vibrant as daylight shines in through your windows.

The downside of glossy finishes is that they tend to be more expensive, so choose your rooms wisely before committing to this finish. Glossy finishes can reflect strokes from paint rollers and brushes, so it's important to have a commercial paint service like Blue Star Painting Company do the prep work for you.


Semigloss is the medium between glossy and matte finishes. They are durable, but they are less expensive than glossy finishes. You may want to consider using semigloss paint for hallways, foyers, and even general work areas. Semigloss finishes are easy to clean, so this is a great option if you don't have outside cleaning services to help.

Matte or Flat

If your walls have a rough texture or dents, then matte is a good choice since they can conceal surface blemishes. Matte finishes are the most affordable options and get you the best paint coverage, so if you don't care about appearance in a certain area of the office, this is the way to go.

Although matte finishes can conceal texture issues, they aren't very durable or good at concealing dirt or stains. In fact, stains can often become trapped in flat finishes since they have a porous surface. So don't use matte finishes in waiting rooms or meeting rooms where you want to present your brand's best self.

Mattes are often best used on or near the ceiling since they absorb light and don't draw the eye.

If you aren't sure which kind of finishes to use in your office space, be sure to contact a commercial paint service in your area for more information.