Finding the Right Painters to Paint Your Home

20 July 2018
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When the time comes to paint you home either outside or in, you could do the work yourself or consider hiring a commercial painting company to do it for you. While painting is one of those projects that most people can take on and do themselves, it is not one that most people look forward to. It can take some time and, even with the right tools, it is not easy work.

Shopping Around

Painting is not one of those things that are going to cause the house to fall down if it isn't done right but a poor paint job can really make the house look bad. If you are having the inside painted, you are the one that has to look at it all the time but if it is an exterior paint job, everyone that drives by can see it. Taking the time to shop around and talk to several painters is important. Sometimes the cheapest one is not the best solution so once you get quotes from them, look at the references and past jobs to get an idea what their work is like. You can easily look up online reviews and find out if people are happy with the work they have gotten or not and that can help you decide if you will use them or not.

Working with Your Painter to Pick Colors

If you are painting your house white, it is easy enough to get the paint right for that. However, if you are painting your house a custom color, it is important that you spend some time working with the painter to decide on the color so that they know what it is and where to get it mixed. If one can is mixed wrong, the area painted with it may not match the rest of the house and it could look really bad. If the color you picked for your home is from a chip card at the local home center or paint store, you can give the card to the painter and they will be able to easily have paint mixed for the job from the code on the card.

Painting Inside Your Home

Having the inside of the home painted is a little more work. The furnishings in the house need to be removed from the room or covered so that they do not get paint on them. Carpet and flooring must be covered, and you need to have someone there while the paint crew is inside the home. It is also important that the painters know what color each room will be unless you are painting the whole house one color inside.  Taking the time to communicate with the painter about what you want to be done, the colors you want, and the time frame you need it in will make the entire process easier for everyone involved.