4 Tips For A Better Paint Finish On Textured Drywall

21 July 2018
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Drywall is one of the most common interior wall materials. Most often, drywall has some sort of texture on it. However, even if your drywall doesn't actually have a dramatic texture, the process for repainting it is simple. This article looks at four helpful tips that will give you better results when painting on a drywall surface.

1. Use a Roller

First of all, you want to try to roll, rather than brush the majority of paint onto your walls. So, after everything is masked and taped off, use a roller to paint as closely to the edges as possible. It is always more practical to roll before you paint along the edges with a brush. Painting along the edges, which is often called cutting in, takes a lot of time and patience. You want to paint as much of your wall as possible with the rollers. Rolling is quicker, and you end up with a smoother finish. Whenever you paint with a brush, you run the risk of leaving behind annoying brushstrokes.

2. Low Gloss Paint

Next, use low gloss or satin paint wherever possible. This paint is thinner, cheaper, easier to work with, and most people prefer the way that it looks compared to glossy products. However, you will need to use a glossy paint in your bathrooms to fight against moisture.

3. Priming is Key

Third, you should always plan on priming your walls before painting. Whether you are painting the drywall for the first time or painting over an old color, the primer is very important. It will help to ensure that your paint dries to be the same color and sheen. If you don't use primer, you are probably going to end up with an uneven paint finish and will also have to use more paint. Primer is also important because it seals the drywall and makes it more water resistant.

4. Paint Your Trim and Change Wall Accessories

Lastly, whenever you are going to paint a drywall surface, you should also consider replacing the trim and accessories attached to it. That is, newly painted drywall will look so much better if you change all of your light switches and outlets. Similarly, it will look so much better if you repaint your trim at the same time.

Painting drywall is an achievable DIY project, regardless of your home improvement experience. If you follow these helpful tips, it is bound to be more successful and professional looking. For more information, contact a company like Klenosky Paint