Questions To Ask When Picking Out A Paint Color For Your Bedroom

19 August 2019
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Ah—the room for relaxation and slumber. The bedroom should be the most inviting, comfortable room in the entire house, and there are all kinds of elements and features about this space that can make it exude that personality. One of the things that can make a bedroom feel more comfortable is the color of its walls, but this is an aspect that often gets disregarded.

When you call up a professional painting company and tell them what color you want your bedroom painted, they're not going to try to change your mind. However, if you call and ask for guidance about the best paint color, they may ask you these questions to help you along with your decision:

What colors make you feel soothed?

Colors have connotations according to the person, but there are some general colors that most people do view as soothing. Your painting contractor may recommend a few of these soothing-color suggestions, such as a light sage green that offers a natural, outdoorsy appeal or a mellow pale yellow that induces a sense of happiness and calm. These are only suggestions; color preferences when it comes to serenity can be highly personal. For example, anything close to yellow may make you feel uncomfortable because your most despised class in high school took place in a yellow room. Think about what soothes and comforts you personally and go from there. 

What color blends well with the furniture you have in place?

Some color contrast in the bedroom is fine. In fact, it is preferable for some bedroom dwellers. However, you do have to consider how a paint color will look when it is paired with the furniture you have in the space. For example, if you have all ash-gray finished wood furnishings, going with a grey-tone wall around the same color can make everything kind of  visually bleed together in the room. 

What colors will make the space feel more open?

A crowded space can make a room feel far less inviting, and some colors can make a rather small bedroom feel even smaller than it actually is. Dark chocolate brown or deep burgundy, for example, absorb natural light in a room, make it darker, and make it feel more confined. Lightweight, airy colors like slightly off-white or a super-pale periwinkle can give a room that more wide-open feel that induces a calmer state of being in your bedroom. 

Make sure to discuss your wishes with your painting contractor, and see if they have any additional advice about which colors might be best for your bedroom.