Redecorating on a Budget? Use These Helpful Low-Cost Painting Tips

24 October 2019
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Even a home that has been lovingly maintained can begin to feel tired and stale as the years pass. While having the interior completely updated with new finishes and flooring is a common dream, budget-conscious families often choose to find ways to minimize project costs by setting smaller goals. 

You can significantly reduce interior decorating costs while still getting the desired effect is by using some or all of the following low-cost painting tips. 

Check out the returned paint section

Premium paints for interior use are expensive, especially when you are searching for those that offer great coverage with just one coat or those that have the primer built in. Get paint within your budget by searching in the returned paint section of your local paint or home improvement store. If you can find a shade that you like in the returned paint section, you can ask the paint store clerk to mix an additional can or two to match so that you have enough for your entire project.

You may also be able to find two or three colors that would coordinate well in your home so that no additional mixing of new paint is needed. For example, a light shade or returned paint could be used on the ceiling, with a medium shade on the main walls, and a darker or brighter color highlighting an accent wall. It may also be possible to have some shades of returned paint re-tinted by adding additional, darker pigments, especially if the original color is a light or neutral shade. 

Check with family and friends

Another option for finding paint for low or no cost is to check with family members and friends who have completed their own recent redecorating project. Many may prefer to gift you their leftover paint to free up storage space or to see the paint put to good use. As with returned paint, gifted paint may also be able to be retinted or used in combination with partial containers of coordinating colors to keep your project as budget-friendly as possible. 

Use returned or gifted paint wisely

When using returned or gifted paint, it is important to remember that the paint containers have probably been previously opened or partially used. This can mean that dirt or dust may have been introduced to the liquid paint. To ensure that any bits of debris or dried paint will not be a problem as you paint, it is smart to purchase a reusable mesh paint strainer and carefully strain each container of paint immediately prior to application. You can learn more about the process by contacting services like Spray Right.