Should You Prime Before Paint? The Answer Is Almost Always Yes

30 November 2019
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As far as home remodels go, there aren't many projects that are as affordable and simple as painting the interior. A new paint color on your interior walls can have a very dramatic effect on how any room looks. It can completely redefine the style. On top of this, the materials and labor needed for interior painting are very accessible. You can buy most of them at just about any home improvement store and get started the same day. Because painting is so simple, many homeowners decide to do it on their own. That is, they roll up their sleeves and start painting away, rather than hiring a professional contractor.

Do I Need to Prime First?

One of the most important questions that you need to ask before you get started on your paint job is whether or not you are going to prime the walls. Many people are tempted to skip the priming process because it can add a lot of time to the project. However, you probably should not skip priming. It is important for a number of reasons. Primer seals your walls and protects the surface. Most interiors have some sort of drywall, so having the primer over this relatively soft and porous surface offers a nice coat of protection. Primer also covers up the old paint color. This is especially important if you walls are a darker color and you want to paint them a lighter color. Primer also ensures that your new paint color absorbs more evenly across the wall.     

How to Apply Primer

There are many different ways to primer a wall. Of course, the best method depends on what type of surface you are painting, what type of paint/primer you are using, and what the old color of your wall is. Most DIYers will apply the primer using brushes and rollers. This is the most convenient way, but it is not the fastest way to prime your walls. Using a sprayer will speed up the process, but you will need to rent a sprayer and figure out how to use. However, the time you take learning how to use the sprayer will be quickly made up once you start applying the actual primer to your walls.

In the end, priming your walls will always be worth it. This extra step will make your paint job look much more professional when all is said and done. For more information, contact house painting services near you.