5 Ways To Find The Right Exterior Palette For Your Store

10 June 2020
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The exterior of your retail store is vital for drawing in customers. So, whether you're preparing a new store or just giving yours a refreshing new paint job, the choices you make can either help boost business or discourage it. To help you find the right palette, here are five ways to narrow in on the perfect colors.

1. Start With Branding

What color palette is part of your company's branding? Your brand goes well beyond the logo. It should be a set color palette that stretches across everything from signage to stationery to websites to both exterior and interior paint. The best way to establish your brand and make your store memorable is to have a unified, recognizable color scheme. 

2. Learn About Restrictions

If you lease space in someone else's commercial property, you'll first need to determine what you can and can't do according to that lease. Similarly, research local city codes. The last thing you want is to research colors, choose one, and invest money into it before discovering that you're not allowed to radically alter your storefront. 

3. Consider Your Audience

What is your primary pool of customers looking for and attracted to? A store that sells baby goods does well to decorate with soft, subtle, nurturing pastels, for example, but a store selling rugged outdoor gear would likely want to stick with harsher, strong colors. There are often good reasons that your retail industry uses or avoid certain color schemes. 

4. Use Color Theory

Color theory can help you choose colors based on their effects on viewers. Blue generally evokes honesty and trust. Green is a color of money and wealth. Red gives a sense of urgency. Orange is vibrant and energetic. And yellow is optimistic and youthful. Use these colors and their hues to lead customers in how you want them to react. 

5. Use Boldness Carefully

Every business owner wants their store to stand out from the competition — but you don't want to go too far out either. For instance, a tax preparation firm is expected to be serious, intelligent, and honest. Child-like primary colors such as angry red or sunny yellow, though, may not convey professionalism and reliability. You might be better off using deeper, richer shades to achieve the combination of boldness and seriousness. 

Researching these five key factors will help you find a color palette that enhances your store and helps customers view you in the way you want them to. Learn more by consulting with an exterior painting service in your area today.