Why You Need Commercial Roof Coating Services

13 August 2021
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Are you looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and non-disruptive method of extending the life of your commercial roof? If so, you'll benefit significantly from commercial roof coating services. Ideally, roof coating applications offer a protective layer over your existing roof membrane and tames the effects of inclement weather, impact, and attrition.

If your roofing budget is tight and you want to forego high roof replacement costs, coating your commercial flat roof is your best bet. You can consult roofing professionals to help you choose acrylic, polyurethane or foam, or silicone coatings. You must call a roofer to inspect and apply the roof coating that suits the weather and your day-to-day operations. Here are reasons why you should invest in commercial roof coating.

Added Protection Against the Elements

Commercial Roof coating provides a protective shield over your existing roof layers. If you've noticed weak sections that could encourage leaks, you must notify a roofing service that is conversant with these coatings. If your roof takes excess UV rays, the roofer can recommend silicone or foam coatings to leverage UV rays protection. Indeed, silicone presents qualities that buffer your roof against destructive rays, and it's the best coating application for a building in hot climates.

They're Cost-Effective

Replacing an entire roof comes with mind-boggling expenses. If you have to tear damaged membranes on a large commercial roof, it could increase the cost of installing a new roof. Luckily, applying commercial roof coating reduces such expenses since it's not a labor-intensive process. 

Your roofer applies the appropriate coating over the existing roof layer. This seals the cracks and crevices underneath and reinforces the roof's strength. Additionally, you don't have to halt operations to apply the coatings. These applications emit low odors and noise during the application. Your business doesn't incur shutdown losses, and the buffered roof keeps your inventory safe for longer.

Guaranteed Energy Savings

If you've installed commercial roof coating that reflects the sun's heat, you'll experience optimum temperature and energy efficiency within your facility. For instance, if you opt for white roof coatings, they reduce heat gain through the roof, and you can switch off your commercial AC system. To benefit from reduced energy consumption, you can consult a roofing service to guide you on the most appropriate coatings that keep your building cool.

Improves Your Green Reputation

Modern businesses must embrace the green concept to save the planet. Customers are increasingly aware of brands that show concern for the green cause. Applying commercial roof coatings sends the right message, given that it prevents old roof layers from getting disposed of in landfills.