Planning To Have Your Home's Interior Repainted? Let The Colors Of Fall Be Your Guide

31 August 2022
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The near arrival of fall inspires thoughts of change and fresh starts. With summer winding down, fall is the time when thoughts of quiet nights at home and weekend football-watching parties surface. Fall is a great time to repaint your home's interior to make it a cozy and inviting retreat for those upcoming home-centered activities in the months ahead. 

Sunflower yellow

There are several ways to incorporate the happy color of sunflower yellow into your home's interior. Sunflower yellow is a great choice for kitchen walls. If you are not ready to commit to painting an entire room in sunflower yellow, consider painting your cabinets in sunflower yellow to recharge your kitchen. 

Rusty brown

Once avoided because it was too dark, rusty brown is making its case heard in homes across the country. Rusty shades of brown will create a cozy and warm feeling in a room. Rusty brown is great for a large room that appears unwelcoming and cold and is a great option for living rooms, bedrooms, or family rooms.

Savory sage

Currently, savory shades of sage green are not only refreshing but also play well with the other colors of autumn. Use sage green for the main walls in any room of the home and create an accent wall using brown, yellow, or red for proof of how well sage plays with other fall hues. Sage is also great if you prefer a monochromatic paint scheme because, on its own, it will create a feeling of tranquility in the home.

Burnt orange

Do not let the boldness of burnt orange scare you. Used alone or with other accent colors, such as yellow or brown, burnt orange is both warm and energizing around the house. Fun for a kid's playroom, family room, or home gym, burnt orange is perfect for creating an accent wall to display your kid's favorite art.

Deep red

A favorite interior wall choice for dining rooms and kitchens, deep red is never boring and is both sophisticated and charming depending on what other colors you use with it. For instance, red and white look charming together while red and gray look sophisticated.

There is no better time to repaint your home than the arrival of the autumn season. When you look to the colors of fall for inspiration, you cannot go wrong. Inviting the autumn-inspired shades of sunflower yellow, rusty brown, savory sage, burnt orange, and deep red into your home will bring a refreshing change to your interior. Having your home's interior repainted will help you get it ready to usher in the autumn season and the return of cozy nights at home. 

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