3 Major Reasons For Painting Your Commercial Building

7 December 2022
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There are a lot of reasons why having your commercial building painted is a good idea. However, this article will provide you with examples of 3 of the major reasons for a commercial building to be painted. This can help you to recognize when a fresh paint job may be of the utmost importance to your business.  

1: You've rebranded

If your company has been rebranded, then there might be a whole new look, including new colors and a different logo. If this is the case, then the building in its current state may look nothing like the rebranding. This can work against you when it comes to brand recognition. It can also cost you foot traffic, confuse customers, and cost you missed opportunities. A fresh paint job that includes your new colors and displays the logo as it is now is a great way to get your new image out there in the community. 

2: Your paint has areas of distress

Something you need to keep in mind when it comes to the paint on the exterior of your commercial building is that it serves very important purposes. Not only does it act as the first visual element of the building, but it is supposed to protect the building. If your paint is beginning to show signs of distress, then it's not going to be offering the level of protection that it is supposed to. This means that moisture can get past it and start to cause problems. When you are seeing things like chips or areas of peeling in the paint, it's time to have it painted. 

3: You've just moved into the building

When you move into a new commercial building, you want to make it clear that you are there now. It's a good idea to make noticeable changes around the property, so people who are used to just passing by it regularly will suddenly notice something has changed, then see that you are there. Giving the building a fresh paint job can help with this, especially if you go with different colors and/or add your company name and logo on the side of the building. An added bonus when you have the building painted when you move in is that you will have peace of mind knowing that the paint is new, and it will help keep the location in better condition.

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