Services Offered By Commercial Painters

26 January 2023
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The appearance of your business is essential for your employees, customers, and clients. A poorly maintained or dirty-looking building portrays a negative impression on people. Part of the maintenance projects for your business should include applying a fresh coat of paint. Here are some commercial painting services that can help restore the glory of your business. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting entails painting the outside of your business premise. This includes the doors, trim, and windows. Some complex exterior painting jobs require scaffolding and special equipment. 

Some tasks you can expect in an exterior painting project include pressure washing surfaces to remove dirt and grim. Exterior painting also involves filling holes and cracks on surfaces, applying primer to the target areas, and painting surfaces with high-quality paint.

Interior Painting

Commercial painters also engage in interior painting jobs. These jobs begin with prepping and patching surfaces. The professionals will also sand, mask, and prime the target surfaces. Painting the inside of your building involves using main body paint and accent paint. 

The painter will apply the body paint color you have chosen with the correct number of coats for a quality finish. Accent paint is used for doors, window frames, wood bases, and millwork.

Stains and Transparent Finishes

Commercial painters use stains and transparent finishes to improve the appearance of offices with wood surfaces. Wood stain is a special paint that sticks to the grain of the wood and soaks the pigment into the fibers of the wood. Wood stains result in beautiful aesthetics and increase the durability of surfaces.

Transparent finishes are clear coats that provide a protective layer on wood surfaces. These finishes protect wood surfaces from weather elements, moisture, and the sun's UV rays.

Caulking and Plastering

Caulking involves sealing cracks between surfaces that have a waterproof sealant. Caulking is often done during exterior painting. Plastering is another service that is crucial when painting surfaces. It involves the application of plaster to the target surface. It results in smooth and even finishes. This process is often done during interior painting.

In Closing

When choosing a commercial painting service, you shouldn't be motivated by price alone. Although you should find a painter who is within your budget range, you should also consider the quality of service offered by a professional.

The best way to find a reliable and experienced professional is by requesting recommendations from family and friends. You can also use online resources to find a commercial painter. Ensure you interview and compare the quotes of a handful of contractors before you choose the right person for your painting project.

Contact a local commercial painting service, such as Protected Painting, to learn more.