Trim, Baseboards And Crown Molding: How To Paint These Like A Pro

27 October 2020
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The baseboards and trim around your home may not look worn or unsightly at first glance, but the closer you get to it, you may begin to see the marks and scuff marks that come with time. Painting them with a fresh coating of paint can help make them look like new again. Painting these areas of your home may make you cringe at the thought, but you can get them done and make them look like they were painted by a professional. Read More 

3 Ways to Prepare for Having Commercial Painting Done for Your Business

14 August 2020
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Having painting done for your business can be a big project since you want to make your building more appealing to any clients or your employees. Instead of making the mistake of having painting done poorly and ending up disappointed with how much money it costs and the results you get, follow these tips. They can lead you towards the best results. When you're curious about how to prepare for painting, the following tips can also help you get your business ready. Read More 

5 Ways To Find The Right Exterior Palette For Your Store

10 June 2020
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The exterior of your retail store is vital for drawing in customers. So, whether you're preparing a new store or just giving yours a refreshing new paint job, the choices you make can either help boost business or discourage it. To help you find the right palette, here are five ways to narrow in on the perfect colors. 1. Start With Branding What color palette is part of your company's branding? Read More